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PP-R Solar Energy Pipes & Fittings

PP-R (polypropylene) is one of the most extensively used plastics in the world.
The outstanding temperature rating and pressure rating makes PP-R system the ideal solution for solar energy. They can be used in pipe networks for solar plants and solar collectors. PP-R pipes have a high reliability, are pressure tested and will not leak once installed. Except for a few oxidants, the pipes can endure the erosion of many kinds of chemicals and will not rust, erode or allow the growth of bacteria. Under normal conditions of temperature and pressure, PP-R pipes have a life expectancy of over 50 years. 
150-10001100 M20 mmPN 20 SOLAR ENERGY PIPE
150-10002100 M25 mmPN 20 SOLAR ENERGY PIPE
150-1010150020 mmELBOW 90'
150-1010232525 mmELBOW 90'
150-1020135020 mmELBOW 90'
150-1020222525 mmELBOW 90'
150-1030180020 mmSOCKET
150-1030250025 mmSOCKET
150-10401150020 mmSTOP END
150-1040280025 mmSTOP END
150-1050120020*1/2FEMALE ELBOW
150-1050215025*3/4FEMALE ELBOW
150-1070125020*1/2TRANSITION UNION MALE
150-1070216025*3/4TRANSITION UNION MALE
150-1080125020*1/2FEMALE NIPPLE
150-1080225025*3/4FEMALE NIPPLE
150-1090125020*1/2MALE NIPPLE
150-1090220025*3/4MALE NIPPLE